[On-Demand Webinar] Evaluating Critical Vendors

On-Demand Webinar

Evaluating Critical Vendors

Learn best practices for formulating an effective strategy to bolster your digital capabilities and future growth.

Recorded May 7, 2024

In an era when banking is increasingly becoming digital-first, community financial institutions are under pressure not just to keep up, but to also lead. With consumer behaviors shifting at an unprecedented pace, selecting the right technology has never been more crucial.

Watch to learn tips on evaluating and selecting critical technology that aligns with your strategic growth initiatives to steer your financial institution toward a future-proof technology landscape.


  • Understanding Consumer Behavior Trends: Gain insights into current and emerging consumer behavior trends and learn strategies to ensure you remain competitive.
  • Prioritizing Strategic Growth Initiatives: Receive guidance on how to align technology selection with your growth priorities for maximum impact.
  • Assessing Vendor Capabilities: Learn how to critically evaluate potential technology vendors for capabilities that meet your needs.
  • Developing a Technology Roadmap: Create a forward-looking technology roadmap that supports long-term goals while remaining adaptable to the industry’s fast-changing landscape.
  • Ensuring Seamless Experiences: Discover the vital elements that contribute to delivering a frictionless experience to both your account holders and your staff.
  • Negotiating Contracts Effectively: Equip yourself with best practices and strategies for technology contract negotiations to secure favorable terms.


Kelly Flynn has decades of experience identifying cost-effective solutions that improve competitive positioning and grow the bottom line. With an in-depth knowledge of bank operations and a keen understanding of emerging technologies, she is committed to helping community financial institutions remain adaptable to achieve sustainable growth.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the webinar or to learn more about upgrading your digital capabilities to improve your competitive position.

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