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CSS Webinar Series: Safeguarding Your Credit Union’s Future (Overdraft Outlook)

Thursday, May 30, 2024, at 2 pm central

Credit unions face mounting pressure to strike a delicate balance between delivering exceptional service and safeguarding financial stability. From the NCUA’s inclusion of overdraft practices in its 2024 supervisory priorities to awaiting the outcome of the CFPB’s proposed rule, the stakes have never been higher.

In this webinar, gain insight into some of the pivotal questions shaping the outlook of overdraft services. Are overdraft programs going away? How can my credit union refine its overdraft strategy while prioritizing safety and soundness? Is there more to consider other than adjusting fee amounts? What are some common pitfalls to avoid?

Join us for a comprehensive discussion as Barb Lowman, President of CUNA Strategic Services, explores the critical nuances of this landscape with the ADVANTAGE team. From the risks of overreacting or underreacting to the most effective ways to preserve income and mitigate risk exposure, our expert panel will provide greater clarity on how you can create a successful strategy.

Key topics for discussion:

  • Evolving expectations of regulators and examiners
  • Essential factors for informed decision-making
  • Navigating intensifying competitive market conditions
  • Addressing consumer needs and delivering value
  • Approaches for safeguarding revenue and reducing uncertainty


  • John Cohron, CEO, ADVANTAGE
  • Cheryl Lawson, EVP of Compliance Review, ADVANTAGE
  • Jennifer Simmons, VP of National Alliances, ADVANTAGE
  • Barb Lowman, President, CUNA Strategic Services

Top Considerations When Evaluating Critical Technology Vendors

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 at 1 pm central (45 min)

In an era when banking is increasingly becoming digital-first, community financial institutions are under pressure not just to keep up, but to also lead. With consumer behaviors shifting at an unprecedented pace, selecting the right technology has never been more crucial.

Join us for a deep-dive session where we unravel the complexities of evaluating and selecting critical technology that aligns with your strategic growth initiatives to steer your financial institution toward a future-proof technology landscape.


  • Understanding Consumer Behavior Trends: Gain insights into current and emerging consumer behavior trends and learn strategies to ensure you remain competitive.
  • Prioritizing Strategic Growth Initiatives: Receive guidance on how to align technology selection with your growth priorities for maximum impact.
  • Assessing Vendor Capabilities: Learn how to critically evaluate potential technology vendors for capabilities that meet your needs.
  • Developing a Technology Roadmap: Create a forward-looking technology roadmap that supports long-term goals while remaining adaptable to the industry’s fast-changing landscape.
  • Ensuring Seamless Experiences: Discover the vital elements that contribute to delivering a frictionless experience to both your account holders and your staff.
  • Negotiating Contracts Effectively: Equip yourself with best practices and strategies for technology contract negotiations to secure favorable terms.


Kelly Flynn has decades of experience identifying cost-effective solutions that improve competitive positioning and grow the bottom line. With an in-depth knowledge of bank operations and a keen understanding of emerging technologies, she is committed to helping community banks and credit unions remain adaptable to achieve sustainable growth.

Register for live webinar on maximizing market share and checking accounts

Maximizing Market Share and Checking Accounts in Today’s Competitive Landscape

Tuesday, April 30 at 2 pm central (45 minutes)

The fight for account holders and core deposits is intensifying. With the surge in digital banking capabilities and evolving consumer expectations, community banks and credit unions are seeking innovative strategies to not only increase their market share but also enhance their checking account offerings.

Join us for an enlightening webinar aimed directly at CEOs, Marketing Executives, Retail Executives, and COOs. This session promises to shed light on navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities in today’s competitive environment.

  • Assessing the Landscape: A deep dive into the current competition for account holders and core deposits. Understand the forces driving changes and how your institution can respond.
  • Product Relevance and Digital Evolution: The need to offer relevant products has never been greater. We will explore how integrating cutting-edge digital capabilities can meet evolving expectations and draw new account holders.
  • Tailoring Your Prospect Strategy: Identifying and targeting prospective account holders effectively can spell the difference between growth and stagnation. Learn methods to zero in on prospects most likely to convert.
  • Empowering Your Frontline: The critical role of sales and service training for your frontline staff cannot be overstated. Discover training strategies that equip your team not only to meet but exceed account holder expectations.

Who should attend?

  • CEOs looking to steer their FI toward sustainable growth
  • Marketing Executives seeking innovative strategies to reach new account holders and retain existing ones
  • Retail Executives aiming to refine offering portfolios and enhance retail banking experiences
  • COOs focused on optimizing operational efficiencies while expanding market reach


  • Pooja Bhakta, Acquisition Client Manager, ADVANTAGE
  • Jennifer Brooks, Client Communications Manager, ADVANTAGE

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights into securing a more lucrative market position for your financial institution. Register today to secure your spot in this pivotal discussion.

Tuesday, April 30 at 2 pm central (45 minutes)

How to Communicate Overdraft Options Successfully

Avoid common mistakes and deliver a consistent message


Effective and consistent communication about overdraft options is critical for financial institutions. It helps account holders make informed decisions about their finances. Moreover, it helps you maintain your reputation. However, many financial institutions struggle to ensure their employees deliver a consistent message.

In this recorded webinar, our panelists will discuss common mistakes employees make when communicating overdraft options and how to avoid them. We will also share tips for delivering a consistent message that empowers account holders to make the best decisions for their financial health.

Key topics for discussion:

  • The importance of clear and consistent communication about overdraft options
  • Common mistakes that frontline staff make when communicating about overdraft options
  • Tips for delivering a consistent message


  • Bob Layendecker, Senior Relationship Manager, JMFA
  • Paul McFarland, Senior Relationship Manager, JMFA
  • Jamone Moore, Relationship Manager, JMFA
  • Roy Seifert, Client Training Manager, JMFA

Overdraft Litigation: Evaluating Your Risk Factors


The threat of litigation can make remaining profitable, compliant, and competitive difficult.

Class-action suits related to overdraft practices are being filed against financial institutions of all sizes. Whether you already made changes to your program or decided to take a wait-and-see approach, your financial institution could be at risk for examiner scrutiny and litigation. Learn about the latest industry trends in overdraft litigation, ways to reduce consumer complaints, and tips for mitigating risks. 

Register and learn:

  • The fundamental basis for most overdraft litigation, with examples
  • Key areas in your program to evaluate and review
  • The impact of your disclosures and staff training

Cheryl Lawson
| EVP of Compliance Review for JMFA

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Credit Unions – Keeping Your Overdraft Program Compliant

A webinar brought to you by CUNA Strategic Services and JMFA.

The NCUA named overdraft/courtesy pay programs a supervisory priority—is your credit union prepared? 

Evaluating your credit union’s overdraft program and strategy is vital. But how do you get there with confidence? Tune in to get the latest updates and insights on the topics making news headlines and learn more about responsible and compliant ways to provide a valuable service that addresses your members’ needs.

Cheryl Lawson
| EVP of Compliance Review for JMFA

Key areas of discussion:
• The latest regulatory guidance, best practices, and expectations
• Regulatory exam feedback
• Communication tips to minimize compliance issues
• Your questions and more

Uncover Hidden Treasure in Your Vendor Contracts

Find the additional budget to support your digital transformation

As financial institutions continue to focus on service delivery, reducing consumer friction, and improving efficiencies, it’s important to choose vendors that offer products and services that meet consumer expectations and position your financial institution for long-term growth.

Making the very best, informed decisions when it comes to choosing a product vendor or renewing a legacy service contract requires a careful review. It is important to evaluate the services provided and contract terms. You’ll avoid missed opportunities to gain a competitive edge in the market, improve pricing and contract terms, to provide services that will meet your account holders’ needs and expectations.

Featured panelist:
Kelly Flynn
| National Director for JMFA

Key areas of discussion:
• The ideal time to start the contract negotiation process
• Common misconceptions and why you could be missing savings opportunities
• Steps for how to maximize your time and money
• Contract language tips