How to Communicate Overdraft Options Successfully

Avoid common mistakes and deliver a consistent message


Effective and consistent communication about overdraft options is critical for financial institutions. It helps account holders make informed decisions about their finances. Moreover, it helps you maintain your reputation. However, many financial institutions struggle to ensure their employees deliver a consistent message.

In this recorded webinar, our panelists will discuss common mistakes employees make when communicating overdraft options and how to avoid them. We will also share tips for delivering a consistent message that empowers account holders to make the best decisions for their financial health.

Key topics for discussion:

  • The importance of clear and consistent communication about overdraft options
  • Common mistakes that frontline staff make when communicating about overdraft options
  • Tips for delivering a consistent message


  • Bob Layendecker, Senior Relationship Manager, JMFA
  • Paul McFarland, Senior Relationship Manager, JMFA
  • Jamone Moore, Relationship Manager, JMFA
  • Roy Seifert, Client Training Manager, JMFA

Overdraft Litigation: Evaluating Your Risk Factors


The threat of litigation can make remaining profitable, compliant, and competitive difficult.

Class-action suits related to overdraft practices are being filed against financial institutions of all sizes. Whether you already made changes to your program or decided to take a wait-and-see approach, your financial institution could be at risk for examiner scrutiny and litigation. Learn about the latest industry trends in overdraft litigation, ways to reduce consumer complaints, and tips for mitigating risks. 

Register and learn:

  • The fundamental basis for most overdraft litigation, with examples
  • Key areas in your program to evaluate and review
  • The impact of your disclosures and staff training

Cheryl Lawson
| EVP of Compliance Review for JMFA