Uncover Hidden Treasure in Your Vendor Contracts

Find the additional budget to support your digital transformation

As financial institutions continue to focus on service delivery, reducing consumer friction, and improving efficiencies, it’s important to choose vendors that offer products and services that meet consumer expectations and position your financial institution for long-term growth.

Making the very best, informed decisions when it comes to choosing a product vendor or renewing a legacy service contract requires a careful review. It is important to evaluate the services provided and contract terms. You’ll avoid missed opportunities to gain a competitive edge in the market, improve pricing and contract terms, to provide services that will meet your account holders’ needs and expectations.

Featured panelist:
Kelly Flynn
| National Director for JMFA

Key areas of discussion:
• The ideal time to start the contract negotiation process
• Common misconceptions and why you could be missing savings opportunities
• Steps for how to maximize your time and money
• Contract language tips