Compliance Chat: What are the risks of delaying changes to your overdraft program?


Cheryl Lawson |

In this “Compliance Chat” video, Sean York visits Cheryl Lawson to discuss the risks of waiting to make changes to your overdraft program.

Amidst market volatility and looming elections, financial institutions constantly grapple with the question: “How will these factors impact our decisions?”

While taking time to deliberate may make you feel secure, prolonged delays could invite unforeseen complications.

Don’t miss the chance to explore why many are postponing pivotal choices until after the election and uncover how our meticulous approach guarantees readiness for evolving regulatory standards

As the current environment for overdraft services continues to heat up, learn more about how ADVANTAGE can add support to your internal teams to help you stay proactive and responsive.

Contact your local representative for more information about how we are helping community banks and credit unions offer compliant overdraft services.


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