JMFA Announces Rebranding and Expansion of Consultation Services

JMFA, a leading provider of financial services consultation, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its evolution. As part of our commitment to better ...

two people using mobile phone using person-to-person payment feature

Do Your Digital Offerings Meet Consumer Needs?

Enhancing your digital offerings in a rapidly evolving landscape will help meet consumer demands and expectations to stay competitive in the age of digital banking ...

Four reasons why evaluating your digital technology should be on your Strategic Planning Agenda

Evaluating your digital technology offerings and contract pricing must be on your agenda. Modernizing your tech stack will ensure operational efficiencies, account holder satisfaction, and ...

Strategy, Plans, Goals for customer acquisition

Top Three Digital Transformation Challenges

Solutions that will take your digital journey — and budget — forward Just as upgrading financial technology has become a greater priority, inflation, shrinking margins ...

Are staffing issues interfering with your digital transformation progress?

If staffing issues have disrupted your team and progress in achieving your digital transformation strategy goals, learn how you can stay on track.

rising costs

Offset rising prices with advantageous vendor contract terms

With the Consumer Price Index skyrocketing and expenditures increasing, now is a smart time to take a strategic look at your vendor contracts to protect ...

concept of digital transformation

Optimize Your Digital Transformation Journey

Learn more about how to identify the digital products and services that will help serve your bank or credit union best for future growth.

contract negotiations get heated

Increase savings and income potential through the power of contract negotiation

Many financial institutions are experiencing concerns about revenue, the bottom line, on-going regulatory expectations, low interest rates, improving efficiencies and the pressure on net interest ...

sample contract

Do you have the technology know-how to effectively negotiate your IT contracts?

Technology is an integral part of how financial institutions operate and provide account holders with the products and services they need, in fact, IT services ...


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