Compliance Chat: Staying responsive to regulatory changes


Cheryl Lawson |

In this “Compliance Chat” video, Sean York visits with Cheryl Lawson to discuss how financial institutions can educate themselves properly to stay proactive in dealing with changes in the regulatory landscape for overdraft services.

Believe it or not, if your financial institution takes a “wait and see” approach, it could put you at greater risk.

Your compliance department is responsible for protecting your financial institution and mitigating risks. However, in our industry, they are tasked with being experts in many different areas. No matter how great your compliance officer is, keeping on top of everything can be challenging.

As the current environment for overdraft services continues to heat up, learn more about how ADVANTAGE can add support to your internal teams to help you stay proactive and responsive.

To receive a complimentary overdraft risk assessment, contact your local representative. Plus, find out how we are helping community banks and credit unions offer compliant overdraft services.


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