Executive Vice President of National Sales

Ed Wolfe is an executive vice president of national sales. Having spent more than 20 years serving in sales, sales leadership, and alliance partnerships, Ed thoroughly enjoys leading teams that foster relationships and drive growth. Whether in FinTech, acquisition marketing, or small business solutions, most business relationships start with a sales professional and Ed has centered his career around this relationship brokerage.

“It’s rewarding to see our clients in community financial institutions thrive in part due to the advice we provide. I’m especially grateful for sales professionals being the first people to start that process.”

Ed has his MBA from the University of Minnesota. Minnesota is where his career in Community Banking began. Seeing how members of the community depend upon and trust their local financial institution has been a foundation of Ed’s desire to be in the industry. Ed also leverages his experience in Toastmasters and other group leadership opportunities outside work. When Ed’s not working with his team at JMFA, you can find him enjoying the outdoors and spending time with his wife and dogs.


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